Friday, January 22, 2010

Spider Girl

Maybe it started with the song... I'm not entirely sure. This little girl LOVES to climb. It started when she was much smaller and would work soooo hard to get herself up on the couch and then proceed to walk off the furniture as if it was not elevated off the ground whatsoever. Then, we introduced her to Claire-sized chairs that she loves to stand on.

Now, we've reach new heights, so to speak. I found Claire trying to stand on the shelf inside her stove so that she could reach the little microwave on her kitchen. When I discouraged that behavior, she dragged one of her little chairs over to the kitchen. She's clever, I'll give her that.

You would know that she absolutely loves the turntable in her microwave - the one thing she really can't reach yet. We've again removed all Claire-sized furniture and adult-sized other things that can be used as furniture. Hopefully, her spidey phase is nearing the end of its run. I don't even want to think about what happens when the time comes for her to get out of her crib. I may have to remove all the furniture from her times.

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