Friday, May 18, 2012

Ballet Recital


Claire had her ballet recital this past weekend.  She loved dressing up and performing her "Teddy Bear Ballet".  The highlight of the show for us was when she kept waving to us and searching the audience for more of her adoring fans.
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Easter (Better Late Than Never)


We had a busy Easter filled with egg hunts and family.  Claire had a blast and for once the weather cooperated a little bit.  At least we didn't have to wear winter coats over Easter dresses.
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Last (Gasp) Day of School 2012


(Added for Comparison - She looks alot older now)

Claire's last day of school was this week.  She had a great year - and made alot of progress from September when she cried when we left her to now.  According to her end of year report card, "Claire is an efficient worker... and a joy to have in class."  Here's hoping "efficient worker" doesn't mean "races through her school work". 
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