Monday, May 30, 2011

Fancy Nancy





Please notice the 2 tutus, glasses on upside down, elbow and knee pads, and double fisted wanding skills. She's got some skills, that one.
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Happy Memorial Day!





It's not often that we get to break out the pool on Memorial Day. Claire kept saying..."This is so fun!" She's pretty excited for the good weather.
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The End of An Era





Guess who slept in a big girl bed last night? Claire did great!
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Farewell to Butterflies





We got Claire a butterfly kit and she's been loving checking on the caterpillars, chrysallis, and then butterflies each day. When the butterflies "hatched" we let her watch them for a few days, but then we told her that the butterflies needed to go out in the world and find their friends.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Last Day of Dancing Class


Yesterday was the last day of dancing class. Normally, the moms stayed with the kids and helped them follow the teacher, but for the last class, the moms got to watch (and photograph) the kids doing their thing. They were all alot better without the moms than they were with the moms.
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Happy Mother's Day!





One of my favorite places to go during the spring is to Lilacia Park in Lombard. Claire decided this morning that she likes the smell of lilacs - a girl after my own heart!
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