Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bein' Four

Me: Claire, did you have a special birthday weekend? Claire: Yep. Me: What was your favorite part? Claire: Bein' four. That about sums it up. She is really impressed about being four. "Now that I'm four, I don't need to wear sunblock.". "Now that I'm four, I'm one of the big kids. I'm not a baby anymore."

Busy, Busy, Bithday Weekend


Today is Claire's 4th birthday.  We had a party yesterday with alot of her cousins and friends.  Today we went to the zoo and played in her new "Flower Power" sprinkler.  We all had a great weekend (as evidenced by the fact that as I write this, she's passed out on the couch).  Can't believe she's four - I have no idea where this time is going.
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