Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year... New Philosophy

Well... we'll see how long this lasts. I've decided that since I've been woefully inadequate at documenting Claire since returning to work when Claire was 3 months, I need to capture what she's doing on the blog. There may not always be pictures... it's really more for us (and Claire) than for anyone else, but maybe you'll enjoy these thoughts.

Claire had a fun Christmas - got lots of fun toys... she doesn't know what to do with so many new things!

She's so much fun these days - saying more and more things... some of her faves: mama, dada, "buh bye", night night, milk, waffle, No!, kitty, juice, cookie, more. You can really tell what's important to her based on her vocabulary.

Lately, I've noticed that she wants me when she's with Jeff, and wants Daddy when she's with me. She knows how to play us.

The best thing she does lately... she loves when I give her butterfly kisses... she asks for more... it can go on and on. It's not like I'm going to stop.

She's recently given up her morning nap... hopefully that will last. I like her disposition on this new schedule.

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