Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Day of 4 Year Old Pre-School

Can you tell I'm emptying my camera today?  Claire was all smiles for her first day of Pre-School.

And, I'm here to report that her first parent-teacher conference went well too.  If only they will all be like this.  Her teacher told us that she's alot of fun to have in class.  She doesn't freak out if something doesn't go her way (unlike at home).  She also was able to identify all her letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  The most interesting thing to me was that they do some kindergarten readiness assessments at the beginning and end of the year.  One is to draw a picture of herself - her teacher said it is really good that she draws herself with a body and not just a face or a stick.  Things that I never would know are important... Yay, Claire!
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